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Essential UI Pack Released

Essential UI Pack is a collection of essential tools, components, and sprites that every game needs! Check it out here! On Sale for $5 for a limited time! It comes with: A No Code Required Page Management System. Multi-value Toggle Component. Progress Bars. Slider with Value. Slider with Text Input. Linear UI Gradient that can be applied to any image (Script, not Shader). Popovers. Modal. Higher quality Radio Buttons and Toggles. 4 Corner UI Gradient Read more…

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Light LOD 1.1 is now available!

Light LOD – the FREE Runtime Light Performance Optimization asset just got even better! What’s new in 1.1? No Code required – just attach LightLODCamera to all cameras you would like to be considered (only one can be active at a time) All Garbage generation has been removed (yay!) It now supports swapping between active cameras Get it now on the Unity Asset Store

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UNET Multi-Channel Chat System 2.0 is now available!

UNET Multi-Channel Chat System – the simple, drag and drop Chat System for Unity, built on UNET just got a huge overhaul! Originally released in July 2016 (wow! really that long ago?) for $1, it’s sold hundreds of copies and actually funded a lot of the costs to make Hide and Seek! Recently Unity raised the minimum price for any asset on the Unity Asset Store to $4.99 (besides free, of course). When this change Read more…

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Patch Now LIVE!

Overview New Level! Space Station is now available to play on! After much design, redesign, test, redesign, test some more, it’s finally here!Some other notable changes are, the flashlight is more realistic, you can actually see it and it’s not just a light appearing from nowhere. You can see your own body, hands, and legs. Some network usage improvements, and a crash fix. New Level – Space Station It’s been a long time coming and Read more…

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Turns 1!

Today Hide and Seek turns 1 year old! It’s been a great journey so far for me and a huge learning experience. There was a rocky start for the servers, but recovered from that within the first couple of days. Since launch there have been almost 200,000 unique “purchases” (well it’s free so this many people at least added it to their library). I’ve provided 9 Incremental releases – and another couple coming soon :). Read more…

Llama Software General

Llama Software Website Upgrade

As you can tell, the Llama Software website got a makeover. Earlier today if you tried to access http://hideandseek.llama.software/ or http://llama.software/ you may have had issues, and I think until DNS servers are fully updated (usually less than 48 hours), we may continue to have some routing issues. After checking out a bunch of options, weighing cost versus ease of creation and management I’ve settled on what you’re viewing now! Probably smaller updates will be Read more…

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Light LOD – Now available

As part of Hide and Seek patch I implemented a Light LOD system to drastically improve framerates, especially on the Haunted House. The overhead from very-high quality shadows from dozens of realtime lights was too much and even really high end computers would get bottlenecked by the CPU (in some cases) as low as 45fps. Enter – Light LOD By dynamically adjusting the shadow quality of lights we can reduce that overhead, or eliminate Read more…

Hide and Seek

Volumetric Lighting, Multiple Scattering, and Fog

A very nice guy over on the Unity Forums made an Open Source SSMS implementation and after seeing it I just had to add it to Hide and Seek :). As you already know, Hide and Seek makes limited use of Volumetric Lighting. This limited use was for a number of reasons, but now, in conjunction with this SSMS implementation into Hide and Seek, a more liberal use of Volumetric Lighting is also added. Check Read more…