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UNET Multi-Channel Chat System 2.0 is now available!

UNET Multi-Channel Chat System – the simple, drag and drop Chat System for Unity, built on UNET just got a huge overhaul! Originally released in July 2016 (wow! really that long ago?) for $1, it’s sold hundreds of copies and actually funded a lot of the costs to make Hide and Seek!

Recently Unity raised the minimum price for any asset on the Unity Asset Store to $4.99 (besides free, of course). When this change went into effect, they raised all assets in the $0.01-$4.98 price range to $4.99 and a large number received no more downloads because they simply weren’t worth the new price tag (UNET Multi-Channel Chat System included).

So, an update was necessary! What’s new?

  • No Code Required out of the box!
  • Object Pooled Messages
  • Dynamic Joining/Leaving Channel Support
  • A bunch of Performance Optimizations
  • Brand New Fully Custom Inspector
  • Custom Message Formatting
  • Unity 2017.1+ users can take advantage of TextMeshPro by default.
    • Why would you not be on 2017.1 or higher anyway? It’s 2019!
  • Dynamic Channel Creation Support – Requires some kind of code by you

Of course, all of the previous features are still in place like Word Filters, Chat Commands, Auto Opening on Receive message, Auto Closing, and Max Message pruning.

If you haven’t picked it up and need a simple drag and drop solution for your Unity UNET game, head over to the Unity Asset Store and get it!