Llama Chat


Llama Chat is more than just a chat system. It’s a feature rich social platform for your Unity UNET game.

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Before purchasing this, consider your game needs versus what the package delivers. A simpler chat system may be all you need. Chat System Comparison here
Unity Forum Thread | Documentation | Video Tutorials here

Requires TextMesh Pro.

Llama Chat is more than just a chat system. It’s a feature rich social platform for your Unity UNET game.

Is Llama Chat for you?
Do you need dynamic chat channels? Regional/Zoned Chat Channels? World Space Chat Bubbles? Persistent Chat Channels across sessions? Private Messaging? Friends List? Guilds? Block Lists? Word Filters? Chat Commands? One or more of the above?
Then yes! To provide all of these features Llama Chat ships with an sqlite3 database sample. Any Identity manager will work, however storing chat channel information, friends, etc.. requires a database of some kind.

Llama Chat provides extensive inspector integration to allow you to customize your chat channels.

Live Demos:

Tutorial – Setup from Empty Scene:



✔ 100% Unity/UNET – no external networking library
✔ Tying users to an account
✔ Server driven, dynamic channels
✔ Global chat channels
✔ Multi-threaded message dispatching – free up the main Unity thread to do other important work
✔ Chat retained on scene change
✔ “Regional” Chat channels – only show some chat channel if players are within some area
✔ Private chat channels – such as “Guild chat” – you don’t want other people spying on your guild chat
✔ User channels persisted on Server
✔ “Friends” List
✔ Friend Online/Offline Status
✔ Persists across sessions
✔ Direct player messaging / whisper
✔ World Space Chat bubbles – e.g. so you type in “Say” channel “hello!” and you get “hello!” above your head and others see it there too
✔ Customizable Player Context Menu on right click
Demo Includes:
✔ Whisper
✔ Add Friend
✔ Mute/Ignore
✔ Extensible to more
✔ Customizable Language Filter
✔ Customizable chat format – modify the order/hide any
✔ Timestamp
✔ Channel
✔ Sender Name
✔ Message
✔ Custom text color per channel
✔ Chat Commands
✔ Dynamic joining/leaving channels
✔ Editor Integration
All of these are showcased in demo scenes!