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A feature-rich Chat System requiring no external plugins or libraries! Drag and Drop and then it just works!
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Before purchasing this, consider your game needs versus what the package delivers. A more complex chat system may be required for your use case. Chat System Comparison here

A feature-rich Chat System built on Unity’s UNET Networking system. Mirror is also supported Color-coded channels, configurable to work exactly how you want.

Formerly known as UNET Multi-Channel Chat System.

A simple, drag and drop Chat System for your Unity UNET or Mirror game!

Out of the box functional networked chat system. Simply drag in the prefab onto your Canvas. Attach the ChatPlayer script to your Player Object, then it just works!

NEW in 2.1 Mirror Support is finally here! (optional, UNET still supported)
NEW in 2.1 Full Text Mesh Pro support is finally here!
– Object Pooled Messages
– Dynamic Joining/Leaving Channel Support
– Dynamic Channel Creation Support
– Fully Custom Inspector
– Custom Message Formatting
– Fully customizable word filter – block any word, via regular expression – no programming required
– Fully customizable Chat Commands – /anytext = execute function of your choice – Inspector support – just write your function and bind it in the editor
– Support nearly unlimited chat channels
– Customizable Message Format
– Customizable, color coded channels
– Custom Inspector Editor for easy addition/modification of Chat Channels
– On Chat Box activation: Inform user where their message is being sent
– Fade in/out chat box
Mirror or UNET backend – no external networking asset purchases required
– Message limit
– Client name synchronization
– Drag and Drop functional – Zero Code Required to integrate with your project.
– Well documented, formatted, and commented C# source code included.

Requires Unity 2018.4 LTS or higher.