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    Essential UI Pack

    Essential UI Pack is a collection of essential tools, components, and sprites that every game needs!

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    Llama Chat

    Llama Chat is more than just a chat system. It’s a feature rich social platform for your Unity UNET game.

    Is Llama Chat for you?
    Do you need dynamic chat channels? Regional/Zoned Chat Channels? World Space Chat Bubbles? Persistent Chat Channels across sessions? Private Messaging? Friends List? Guilds? Block Lists? Word Filters? Chat Commands? One or more of the above?
    Then yes!

    Unity …

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    Light LOD

    A free realtime light performance optimization asset for Unity.

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    Hide and Seek

    Released on PC in August 2017. A multiplayer Hide and Seek game where you play Hide and Seek with your friends in a variety of unique environments. Try your luck in a Haunted House. Or maybe in a Hedge Maze. Can you make it back to base without getting tagged?

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    UNET Multi-Channel Chat system

    A feature-rich Chat System built on Unity’s UNET Networking system. Color-coded channels, configurable to work exactly how you want.
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    GW2 TP Assistant

    The only full feature Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Utility on Windows Phone. Allows you to track your investments’ profitability at current market rates, view price history, and calculates breakeven points.