Essential UI Pack 2.0 Released

Essential UI Pack 2.0 has been released on the Unity Asset Store!

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What’s new in this release?

  • Overhauled the developer experience! New and improved custom editors for every control!
  • Removed prefab-based workflow in favor of GameObject menu creation of components.
  • New component: Tabbed Panel
  • More, clean animations for pages.
  • Simplified controls
  • Popovers improvements.
  • New “Rank” Icons. 50 assembled versions, pieces available.
  • New and improved documentation online
  • New demo scene.
  • Big documentation update

Essential UI Pack is a collection of tools and sprites that every game needs! It comes with:

  • No Code Required Page Management System
  • Everything you see in the demo!
  • Multi-value Toggle Component
  • Spinners
  • Progress Bars
  • Slider with 3 variants
  • SO many button options
  • Linear UI Gradient that can be applied to any image (Script, not Shader)
  • Popovers
  • 2 Modal variants
  • Draggable/Movable windows
  • Higher quality Radio Buttons and Toggles
  • 4 Corner UI Gradient (Script, not Shader)
  • Over 1400 Icon Sprites
  • Variety of Rounded Squares, each with 6 perfectly fitting Borders
  • Circle with 8 border options
  • 5 Indeterminate progress indicators
  • 6 Page Background Images
  • 3 and 5 Star rating Images
  • Prefabs for all of this
  • 2 Popular Clean Fonts
  • 1 Sci-fi Font
  • Utility to pool sounds for your buttons
  • Fully documented Source Code

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The Page Management System is a simple to use Push/Pop paradigm, like your web browser uses. It comes with 4 In/Out modes – Do Nothing, Zoom, Fade, and Slide. Total of 8 in and 8 out options are available. Entry Modes are Animation Based so you can use as complex or simple animations as your game needs. Fast, clean animations for each mode are provided. Automatic TAB and SHIFT+TAB navigation to progress forward/backward between Selectable components is included.

Multi-value Toggle Component is a control that allows the user to easily change between a set of options like graphics quality settings with both keyboard and mouse. The provided component is a fully contained control complete with animations and keyboard support. This control can be fully configured in the inspector or in code.

Progress Bars provide a simple way to manage, display, and animate things like user Health, Experience, Mana, or Energy. 2 Varieties are included, the Simple Progress Bar, which just updates the progress, and a Text Updating Progress Bar which will update a TextMeshProUGUI text along with animating the progress.

2 Enhanced Sliders are provided. One that displays the current text value. One that displays the value in an input field, and allows the user to edit the value directly in the input field and see the slider update.

Linear and 4 Corner UI Gradients to enrich your UI design with gradients that can be applied to any Image, without having to use a custom shader.

And so much more! Check out the overview video to see a fully detailed breakdown of all controls and how they work!

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