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Llama Software is committed to delivering high quality games, assets, and apps to people around the world.


The Story

Llama Software started out as a dream – become the best video game development studio in the world. What that meant wasn’t even clear at the time. Companies like Valve and Blizzard in the 90s released so many fun, high quality games. This is what Llama Software is striving to be better than.

The first step – Hide and Seek. With absolutely no game development experience, I started a huge undertaking – a 3d multiplayer first person game on June 1 2015. It took over 24 months, 2 engines, and 3000 hours of development and testing. Then there was the post-launch support. Critical bug fixes, new maps, new features, optimizations.

While developing and maintaining Hide and Seek, also working on the second step – releasing assets to help other indie developers build their games better and faster. A plug-and-play chat system, a realtime light performance optimization asset, an even more robust chat system, and a UI management framework.

Start Step 3 – Llama Survival. The idea came to me in a dream. Top down twin stick zombie survival shooter. After some looking, this game didn’t exist. There are kind of similar games, but nothing that was exactly what I saw. So on January 1 2019, I began the journey again into uncharted territory: Mobile Games. On May 18 2020 Llama Survival went live on Android and iOS. Again new features, maps, and bug fixes are coming continuously.

And the story continues…

The Team

Chris KurhanChris Kurhan – Founder, Developer, Designer, Not-Artist :).
Currently, Llama Software’s only team member.
He’s been developing software for Llama Software since 2011, before Llama Software became a legal entity in 2017!