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The Story

As a child I had a lot of fun making maps in StarCraft, WarCraft III, and as I grew older, also Counter-Strike.
Into college, I developed several small desktop apps. An alarm clock, some stock tracking application, media cleaner, and a blackjack game.
Then I started my paying job, didn’t do a lot of development outside work.
In June 2015 I began a huge undertaking – make a Multiplayer 3d first person Hide and Seek game. It began on Source engine. This was to be a simple mod, strip out all the killing in Half-Life 2 and suddenly we have the core of what you need for Hide and Seek. After a couple months of issues on this, I decided to move to Unity. They had just released Unity 5, with a new networking system, realtime GI, and with Unity 5 you got the full engine for free. Only pay if you make >$100,000. As it turns out, it’s not super simple to do player movement, syncing everything over the network, scoreboards, or basically anything. Fast forward 24 months and over 3000 hours of development. Hide and Seek is released on Steam.
Now Hide and Seek is publicly available, I’m doing improvements, new levels, and releasing Unity Assets based on my experience with making Hide and Seek.