Llama Chat 2.2 Released

Llama Chat 2.2 has just been released on the Unity Asset Store!

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What’s new in this release?

  • Mirror 26 support (November 2020 release)
  • Big documentation update
  • Added ASMDef files
  • Refactored inner classes to their own independent model classes
  • UNET / HLAPI is still supported!

As always, ensure you have imported Mirror or the HLAPI before importing Llama Chat to avoid any errors!

What is Llama Chat?

Llama Chat is more than just a chat system. It’s a feature rich social platform for your Unity UNET game.

Do you need…

  • Dynamic chat channels?
  • Regional/Zoned Chat Channels?
  • World Space Chat Bubbles?
  • Persistent Chat Channels across sessions?
  • Private Messaging?
  • Friends List?
  • Guilds / Clans?
  • Block Lists?
  • Word Filters?
  • Chat Commands?
  • One or more of the above?

Then Llama Chat is the solution for you!

Get it on the Asset Store

All of that seem like overkill for your game? Then a simpler chat system may be all you need. Chat System Comparison here. Consider the features and cost of Simple Chat in relation to Llama Chat to make the best decision for your game.

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