Llama Survival

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Llama Survival

Survive the zombie hoard in this fast paced top-down twin stick zombie survival shooter! In a world overrun by zombies, the last surviving llama fights for survival against the zombie hoard.


Unlock powerful guns and powerups by leveling up.

Power yourself up

Customize your Loadout

Choose your gun. Glock? Deagle? Shotgun? Minigun? You decide. Customize your gun. Improve accuracy. Increase Damage. Shoot faster. Choose your powerups. Health, double damage, 100% headshot chance. Which will you choose in your fight for survival against the zombies? Customize your loadout to power up your guns with better accuracy, stronger bullets, and different fire modes.

Choose your weapon

Real world inspired levels

Clear out the zombie infestation on real-world inspired levels from across the globe! Save a small town in Texas. Save the hotel resort in Cancun! Survive in the forest at Eagle's Nest.

Save the world

Compete on global leaderboards

Compete for the top spot on Daily and Weekly leaderboards for FREE GP! Each difficulty has its own leaderboard. Can you keep the top spot?

Compete on Global Leaderboards

Upgrade your difficulty

Choosing harder difficulties will let you level up even faster. Zombies grow stronger, move faster, hit harder. Bosses learn new abilities. Power yourself up with a unique loadout to climb to the top spot on the leaderboard!


Every level has a fearsome boss that spawns every few levels. As you fight on harder difficulties they gain new abilities and become even more powerful. Can you survive?

Fight strong bosses

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